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  My Running Book List

Well, being the total history "geek" that I am, here is my
running list of books. (Since completing MBA)

  Title(s) Currently Reading   Author  
  » Up Close and Personal - The Reality of Close-Quarter Fighting in World War II   David Lee  

  Completed Book Titles   Author  
  » Revolutionary Characters - What made the Founders Different   Gordon S. Wood  
  » G.I. - The American Soldier in World War II   Lee Kennett  
  » 1776   David McCullough  
  » Closing with the Enemy - How GI's Fought the War in Europe, 1944 - 1945   Michael D. Doubler  
  » Young Patriots - The Remarkable Story of Two Men, Their Impossible Plan and the Revolution That Created the Constitution   Charles Cerami  
  » The Deadly Brotherhood - The American Combat Soldier in World War II   John C. McManus  
  » Founding Brothers - The Revolutionary Generation   Joseph J. Ellis  
  » Artillery at the Golden Gate - The Harbor Defenses of San Francisco in World War II   Brian C. Chin  
  » Seacoast Fortifications of the United States - An Introductory History   Emanuel R. Lewis  
  » The Story of Spain - The dramatic history of Europe's most fascinating country   Mark Williams  
  » The World Within War - America's Combat Experience In World War II   Gerald Linderman  
  » Patton on Leadership   Alan Axelrod  
  » Alexander Hamilton: A Biography   Forrest McDonald  
  » War Without Mercy - Race & Power in the Pacific War   John Dower  
  » D-Day   Stephene Ambrose  
  » American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence   Pauline Maier  
  » The World, Portsmouth & The 22nd Coast Artillery   Jack Wysong  
  » The Year 1000: What life was like at the turn of the first millennium - an Englishman's world   Robert Lacey  
  » Life In A Medieval Abbey   Tony McAleavy  
  » The Greatest Generation   Tom Brokaw  
  » Alexander Hamilton: American   Richard Brookhiser  
  » War Plan Orange: The US Strategy to Defeat Japan 1897-1945   Edward S. Miller  
  » Downfall: The end of the Imperial Japanese Empire   Richard Frank  
  » Pearl Harbor: Final Judgement   Henry C. Clausen