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Hanna had a very busy May. Besides becoming a big sister, she had two weeks of fun with Grandma and Grandpa Lucas, who came out to help with the new baby. In addition, Auntie Stephanie, Uncle Marc and cousin Andrew came out for a long weekend.

During a rare May rain storm, Hanna and Grandpa
Lucas went out for a walk in the rain. Hanna LOVES
to take her umbrella out in the rain.

Hanna has discovered the joy of having a tea party. Here
she is having one with Daddy, Auntie Mary Ann and her
doll Amy.

Auntie Stephanie got to take Hanna to gym class this week.
Hanna shows off her skill at walking the rope ladder. Her
favorite part of the class however is getting the stamp on the
hands or feet after class.

One of Hanna's favorite places is the merry-go-round at Vasona
Park in Los Gatos. Here she is on one of many rides around.

Hanna gets to ride on the train at Vasona Park with Daddy,
Auntie Stephanie, Uncle Marc and cousin Andrew.